What is apexuara

Apexuara was founded in year 2016 with sole intent of delivering Hardware, Software design services, IP development, and Product maintenance services. It was started by a bunch of young talented & dynamic engineers with over 15+ years Corporate and Industrial experience. Apexuara prides itself in various verticals such as Medical health care, Energy sector, Industrial & E-Commerce.

We are combination of experience, creativity and commitment

We work in cutting edge technologies that will transform your business to next level. Our Team is having great expertise in Machine level programming, Mobile and Web technologies to provide you with unmatched and superior end products. We want to work with you asyour extended development partner.


Once the project is awarded, we conduct face to face/Skype interview with customers where in requirements are drafted and signed off by both parties.

Our experts will do R&D on different possible solution and propose the best fit based on Scope, Time and Cost.

Our product development life cycle centers on Agile Scrum & Waterfall methodology. Agile is preferred as its more transparent, interactive and involves all
stakes holder, faster time to market and reduces risk of failure.

Project updates will be given almost every alternate day or need basis.

Continuous Test Engineering at every step of the process

Build Release and deployment.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

Picasso is saying what exists in the mind is the ‘important’ part of existing, and once it exists in your mind, it has the ability to exist in others.

Creation, then, is the gradual ‘increasing’ of the resolution of your idea until it works in a way not just for you, but for others